Andalanfluids Super Corrosion Protection

Plating is one of the method to procect cylinder rod  from abrasion. The most effective and efficient methods of plating for cylinder repair today  are Hardchrome  plating.


Andalalan fluid sistem have a Research and Development departement that developing another alternative of rod plating wich cal the ANDALANFLUIDS  SUPER COROTION PROTECTION  or we can call it AFS SCP.


The AFS SCP has more  corrotion resistance compare with normal hardchrome plating, this is why this method are good for cylinder in marine aplication, power plant and other aplication thar requires superior rust protection 


Here are the comparison of Hardchrome plating and AFS SCP

Parameter Hardchrome AFS SCP Note
Surface Hardness 50-55 Hrc 55-60 Hrc AFS SCP is 10% harder
surface corrosion* 23% 4% AFS SCP is 6x in corosion resistance

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