AFS Achieved as the best vendor

On 2018, PT Andalan Fluid sistem had avhievement from PT Indonesia Power, as the best vendor specially on the maintenance unit. we would like to thanks all of our employee for this achievement , because of their teamwork. we also like to thank you to PT Indonesia Power for this very valuable moment.   

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Andalan FLuid Sistem get ISO 9001: 2015

ISO 9001 is the standard for quality management sistem. and Andalan Fluid Sistem have certified ISO 9001:2015 for "Hydraulic & Pneumatic engineering Services". This mean our process of upgrading your hydraulic & Pneumatic cylinder is monitored and documented properly to reduce the risk of production error & defect. We also want to thanks all of our employee, customer a…

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8 Meter depth Hardchroming facility in Balikpapan

NOW.... We Are started to operate our brand new 8 meter depth Hardchroming facility in Andalan Fluid Sistem Balikpapan Workshop. This new facility are able to do 16 meter total length hydraulic rods . Please.. do not hesitate to contact us for further information.  

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SUCCSESS STORY FOR BALANCER PNEUMATIC CYLINDER Ballancer Pneumatic Cylinder a parts of Balling press machine in Car manufactured Industry and the function as a press machine in the body of a car. One of the bigest car manufactured in the world and indonesia entrusted make new of the cylinder Ballancer Pneumatic to PT. Andalan Fluid Sistem and Customer satified with our service and Exceeded …

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Andalan's CAT 785C Rear Suspension exceed the targeted lifetime of 14.000 HM

Unit Install Removed Total Target Remarks Hour meter 26201 40794 14593 HM 14000 HM Exceed targeted HM Date Dec 24th 2013 March 13rd 2017 39 Month …

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Andalan's CAT 785C Front Suspension exceed the targeted lifetime of 14.000 HM

Unit Install Removed Total Target Remarks Hour meter 38909 HM 53668 HM 14759 HM 14000 HM Exceed targeted HM Date Aug 10th 2013 Jan 20th 2017 42 Month …

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Makassar Workshop start operating to support east indonesia area

East part of Indonesia has a huge potential in many aspects because of plenty of its natural resources. To support many industry and mining activities in this area, Andalan fluid system build a hydraulic cylinder workshop located in Makassar with the existing capabilities of 50 Cylinder/ month and might increase to 150 cylinders/ month.   We hope with this "one-roof"  wo…

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Succsess Record of Cylinder PT. Andalan Fluid Sistem on pt VALE indonesia

One important aspect to consider when you choosing a hydraulic repair workshop is the success records of their previous job. Andalan Fluid Sistem already has lot of proven success records, and this is one of our success record.

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PT. Andalan win The Best OH&S Performance from Holcim

The success of a company depends on how well management effectively communicates safety through various organizational structures. To help connect the dots between business objectives and safety management, SHE Divison has developed the system of safety and healthy on work environment. Also giving the fundamental concepts and process to implement the right safety management program for all stakeh…

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Bucket Cylinder on unit PC 3000

Hydraulic Rear Suspension HD 785-5 , Batu Kajang Plant. Kalimantan. Install on unit DT 718, installation date was on March 2008 and still running from expectation life time 3000 HM or 6 month.

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