Increase Your Efficiency
Increase Your Efficiency
Increase Your Efficiency
Increase Your Efficiency
Increase Your Efficiency
Increase Your Efficiency
Increase Your Efficiency

One Stop Solution Service

  • Cylinder Upgrade

    Upgraded cylinders are cylinders that have been subjected to Chesterton’s unique cylinder upgrade procedures. These procedures include conducti…

  • Cylinder Contract Service Program

    A cylinder contract service program is a service offered to customers that includes maintenance outsourcing, e.g. cylinder removal from and re-ass…

  • ARC Composite Coating

    Chesterton’s ARC coating provides superior performance against erosion, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack. Industry faces adverse enviro…

  • Custom and Standard Designed Cylinders

    Custom and Standard designed cylinders are also offered to meet customer’s specific requirements. Why pay for a high price imported cylinder, w…

  • Machined Seal program

    Seals are manufactured up to 600mm on site, using world’s best CNC machines. Thousands of sizes and profiles are machined, some being same day …

  • Contract Service

    With more than 10 years experience in contract services with national and multi national comapny, our leading program is guranteed to supervise, note…

  • Part Shop

    To complement the needs of our customers, we also provide hydraulics and pneumatics components such as seal, O-ring, hose, valve filter, and many oth…

  • System Design

    We are able to help you design or even modify your hydraulics/pneumatics system to meet your needs.

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Here are some reasons
why you will love our services

Cylinder Upgrade Program & Custom-Made Cylinder

“Good as new” with our superior work. Not only changing the cylinder “seal”
but also rehabilitating the continuous works of other cylinder components,
we are sure to increase the machine life span. We are also capable of
producing cylinder with custom specifications accordingly to our customer request.
Accuration and precision is our excellence in designing a cylinder,
with the application of the newest technology and the help of Chesteron technician, we are acknowledged as an international cylinder specialist.